Lamb is normally fried for a short time at very high temperatures except for leg of lamb or a roast, which are best prepared by low temperatures in order not to lose any taste. The core temperature should not exceed 67 degrees if you want the meat to stay medium.

Lamb is barbecued at appr. 220 degrees - swift and very hot. Marinate the tenderloin or the chops for a few hours (or the day before if possible). This makes the meat particularly tasty.

Like all meat, lamb should be stored in the fridge. If well sealed, it will keep fresh a couple of days. Also storable in the freezer. 

Lammracks (IRL) CHF 59.–
Tenderloin (IRL) CHF 59.–​

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When you have barbecued the steak on both sides, you can decide if you have reached the desired cooking time by pressing the meat with your finger.

To decide the right cooking time:

Rare: Loosen your hand. Now press your index finger onto the heel of your hand which should feel very soft. 

Medium: Press together your thumb and middle finger. The heel of your hand should now feel a bit firmer which means the meat is medium cooked.

Well done: Press together your thumb and your ring finger. The heel of your hand will now feel very firm and your meat is well done.

Fillet of beef (IRL) CHF 109.–
Entrecôte (CH) CHF 83.–
Ribey (IRL) CHF 78.–


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Homemade products

We want you to feel welcome and cared for in our restaurant and that is why we aim to present a whole range of home made products to eat in or take-away. In addition to our well known ‘Bahnhöfli Bratwurst’ (Sausage) there are many other specialities you can enjoy at home.

Salad dressing from CHF 1.50
Mättmibräu (Beer) CHF 3.50 Bottle 0.33l
Sausages from CHF 2.–
Hamburer from CHF 3.–
Italian Meatloaf to bake at home CHF 16.– pr. Kg

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Make sure that the tuna is very fresh. Only use tuna which is also suitable for raw consumption. If you fry the tuna in a pan, make sure that it isn’t too cold when you put it in the hot oil.

Rinse under running water and dry with kitchen paper. Some professional chefs rub it with low-salt herb butter, others use ground black pepper. In any case: don’t salt the steaks before frying them

Tuna (PHL) CHF 68.–

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There has always been some confusion about the right denomination of this particular crustacean. Don’t let that distract you!

In Spain they say gambas and in Italy they are called gamberi. In Swiss retail outlets the smaller ones are called  shrimps, the bigger ones king prawns.

Black Tiger Shrimps DF (VIE) CHF 60.–

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Take-away wine

Are you looking for a suitable wine?

The wine take-away price is the price on our wine list minus CHF 32.– 

Wine list

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If you put the fish on a very hot grill it will immediately develop a very thin crust, which will make it easier to lift of the grill when finished. The coals should be glowing red. To further prevent the fish sticking to the grill, only turn it once. It is also recommended to oil the fish before barbecuing it. Put the fish on the bbq with the skin side up first. When the salmon, after turning it once, has reached the cooking point, you can use a spatula to very easily separate the skin and the meat. 

Fresh salmon (SCO) CHF 52.–

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Meat and fish


Quantity   Price
g Breast of chickenCHF 36.00
g Tenderloin upper cutCHF 31.00
g Pork chopsCHF 31.00
g Pork tenderloinCHF 42.00
g Spare ribsCHF 28.00
g filet of porkCHF 52.00
g Veal chopsCHF 78.00
g Veal spareribsCHF 39.00
g Lamb racksCHF 59.00
g Lamb tenderloinCHF 59.00
g Fillet of beefCHF 109.00
g EntrecôteCHF 83.00
g RibeyCHF 79.00
g Tomahawk Steak (ca. 1.0kg)CHF 79.00
pcs. cheese sausage 200gCHF 4.50


Quantity   Price
g Fresh salmonCHF 52.00
g TunaCHF 68.00
g Black Tiger ShrimpsCHF 60.00


Quantity   Price
pcs. ‘Bahnhöflibratwurst’ Sausage 200gCHF 4.50
pcs. Grill sausage 130gCHF 3.00
pcs. Pork sausage 100gCHF 3.00
pcs. hamburger 100gCHF 3.00
pcs. Hamburger 150gCHF 4.00
pcs. Italian Meatloaf to bake at homeCHF 16.00
pcs. HackbratenCHF 16.00
pcs. Mättmibräu (Beer) 0.33l BottlesCHF 3.50


Quantity   Price
pcs. pcs. Salad dressing French 1.5dlCHF 1.50
pcs. Salad dressing French 5dl CHF 5.00
pcs. Salad dressing French 1 LiterCHF 9.50
pcs. Salad dressing Italian 1.5dlCHF 1.50
pcs. Salad dressing Italian 5dlCHF 5.00
pcs. Salad dressing Italian 1 LiterCHF 9.50
pcs. Garlic sauce 1.5dlCHF 1.50
pcs. Garlic sauce 5dlCHF 5.00
pcs. Garlic sauce 1 LiterCHF 9.50
pcs. Mustard sauce 1.5dlCHF 1.50
pcs. Mustard sauce 5dlCHF 5.00
pcs. Mustard sauce 1 LiterCHF 9.50
pcs. Chimmi Churri 1.5dlCHF 5.00
pcs. Chimmi Churri 5dlCHF 15.50
pcs. Chimmi Churri 1lCHF 30.00
pcs. Sweet Chili 1.5dlCHF 1.50
pcs. Sweet Chili 5dlCHF 5.00
pcs. Sweet Chili 1lCHF 9.50


Quantity   Price
pcs. Mixed BBQ-spicesCHF 7.50
pcs. “The BBQ Bible” in GermanCHF 35.00
pcs. BBQ shovelCHF 20.00
We marinate (with our mixed BBQ-spices) and vacuum-pack your meat to order.

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